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To start working you need to have a GMail account. It is a must-have for authorization. Then you already have Google Drive free space. Our Service will locate your document storage there. Your files are stored only in your Google account.


The system is closely integrated with Google services – Contacts, GMail, Drive, Documents, Calendar, Maps.


An unlimited number of attachments in the task and the response. Attach files, links, Google Maps locations, Contacts.


Google Docs – Ms Office auto conversion when uploading files or exporting/importing tasks via GMail.


Saving files of the owner when disconnecting a user having worked with a personal Google account.


Automatic control of the participants’ rights for attached files when changing the list of attachments or participants in the task.


Our web service is designed for mobile devices and adapted for computers. All functions are available on any device with internet browser.


Intuitive and flexible – incoming, outgoing, attachments, responses, folders, labels, linked tasks…


Budgets. Income and expenses planning,  accounting in the task,  personal budgets, project budgets, small company budgets.

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Within the menu of the company’s account owner “Admin access” item is available. It is a complete list of tasks of the company’s account – these are all tasks of all users, including the ones in trash. Administrator can find any task, open it and change almost all the data in it. Multi-user service accounts… Read More

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The main mechanism for collecting financial operations in budgets is based on the use of tasks. You plan and perform tasks and at the same time reflect planned or completed financial operations in the task, income or expenses related to the task. In particular, this mechanism allows you together with other participants to enter data… Read More

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The Brown Boot Works service was originally developed as a tool for managing a team, tasks and documents in Google cloud-based applications environment. Using the advantages of Google Account, the service allows you to assign and track tasks in a team, manage content on Google Drive, share tasks and content. The service is integrated with… Read More

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You can select Quick notes function from the main menu of the service. Notes can be created by voice or by keyboard at your choice. Afterwards you can create a task from the note. Notes are convenient to use during meetings or negotiations. One can quickly record important points or decisions. After the event, it… Read More

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Cloud technologies have changed the people’s mindset and operation principles of many companies. Large companies can still afford purchasing proprietary solutions and it is often reasonable for them (due to the amount of data processed, number of employees, the complexity of issues, etc). But for a small business owner the cost, simplicity, low expenses for… Read More

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➣ income and expenses planning ➣ accounting in the task ➣ personal budgets ➣ project budgets ➣ small company budgets The budget management subsystem doesn’t concern simple accounting. These are important questions  to be answered in real time, such as income plan for the period, basic expenses, payment approvement, profitability of projects or branch, availability… Read More

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It’s a convenient service having nothing in excess. All the tasks are in one place, that is my concept. I don’t separate business from personal affairs and plans. Brown Boot Works helps me to be more efficient in my daily activity…

Regardless of my location and the time of day, being in Russia or abroad, I can assign a task to colleagues, set a deadline and control its execution at any time. The service has made my business communications easier, the number of working meetings has been reduced.

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