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Why do people use Brown Boot Works?

An easy-to-implement system for a small company

Project- and task-type company key activities

Customer relationship, deals and sales funnel

Real-time finance indicators and result forecasts

Personal productivity tools, Time-sheet, Quick notes

100% functions and data are available on smartphones

Google services

Easy and secure authorization in the service with Google account (GMail address). We don’t keep your passwords.

All your attached files are stored on your Google Drive. We don’t keep your files.

The service is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, available more than 99.9% of the time.

Google integrations

Tasks and leads creation from GMail messages. Tasks and docs export to GMail.

Collaborative use of Google Contacts. Google Maps locations sharing.

Creation of events and alerts in Google Calendar from tasks.

Generating budgets and reports in the Google Sheets format.

Ms Office – Google Docs conversion of attachments.

Mobile first

The service is designed as a web application, accessible on any device using an internet browser. 

Initially we develop all service functions for smartphones and tablets, and then adapt them for computers.

You have access to the same application with a full set of functions on any device.

All functions are always free for 1-5 users. No password required.


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People Involved

The Team

Yuriy Hlopko

BBS Social Media

Roman Petrov

BBS Development & Support

Rifat Fatkhullin

BBS Development

Oleg Karpov

BBS Customers & PR

Anastasia Naumova

BBS Content, Advertising

Albert Sungatullin

BBS Leader
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We are pleased to announce the launch of our service on   Special offer for PH participants. We suggest you to register in our service before the October 18, 2017 and get a permanent 30% discount for future subscriptions. Sequencing: 1- registration in Brown Boot Works with Google Account 2.1- send Feedback from the… Read More

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Suppose you are a director of a travel agency. You have five sales managers in the company who work with clients. Let’s assume that you are driving in a car and one of the managers is calling you. The matter is that one of the new clients of the manager asks for a personal discount… Read More

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Project executors statistics A new tab “Executors” has been added into the project form. The tab displays statistics on the executors of this project. You can see the number of incoming and outgoing tasks for each participant of the project, as well as the tasks execution diagram. Statistics helps to assess the user involvement in… Read More

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An easy-to-use tool for a business leader. Project- and task-type company key activities. Customers and sales funnel. Real-time finance indicators and result forecasts. Personal productivity tools. What’s new in ver 2.0 ? Projects Manage project execution and its budget Common projects list of the company. Differentiation of access to projects in a team. Selection of… Read More

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G Suite applications are probably the most complete, safe and economical IT platform for a small business. And this is not surprising. Google cloud platform has been developing for a few years. Recently the company has reported of 3,000,000 companies using this solution. But according to different sources estimates, about half of G Suite active… Read More

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Setting your own logo The owner of the company account has the opportunity to set its unique logo, which will be displayed in the service’s main toolbar. This will allow you to see constantly the account you are currently working in. Viewing Upcoming tasks in a grid form In Upcoming tasks window on computers and… Read More

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What Our Customers Think

It’s a convenient service having nothing in excess. All the tasks are in one place, that is my concept. I don’t separate business from personal affairs and plans. Brown Boot Works helps me to be more efficient in my daily activity…

Regardless of my location and the time of day, being in Russia or abroad, I can assign a task to colleagues, set a deadline and control its execution at any time. The service has made my business communications easier, the number of working meetings has been reduced.

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