Task removal and recovery

The service doesn’t remove task completely. All created tasks are always stored in your company account but in different status.

If unnecessary or incorrectly created tasks bother you, you can move them to the Trash. While working with Trash please note the following:

1 – only the author can move the task into Trash,

2 – the task moved into basket may be of any status (draft, in work, done), its status doesn’t change in Trash,

3 – after the task is moved to Trash by the author, it becomes invisible to other team members,

4 – the task in Trash does not appear in any list (incoming, outgoing, …), and cannot be found by search,

5 – the task in Trash cannot be changed,

6 – the author can restore the task from Trash at any time, regardless of its storage time there

7 – You can mark a group of tasks in working lists, and then to “Move to Trash” or “Restore from Trash”

8 – when moving to Trash, task’s belonging to users folders is saved. When restored, it will be displayed in the same folders. If the folder has been removed as empty one the task being in the Trash, the task is restored out of the folder.


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