Forecast your incomes from customers and keep track of deals

  • Common clients and partners database of the company. Accumulate information on counterparties for teamwork.

  • A single contact database for the team, synchronized with personal Google Contacts for each participant.

  • Contacts importing and exporting. MailChimp import format is supported.

  • Tasks, leads and contacts creation from e-mails.

  • Manage sale process and keep track of deals. Activities planning. Control the work on deals using task chains.

  • Company revenue forecasting. Incomes and expenses accounting.

  • Buildup of company sales funnel. Create a variety of sales funnels by business branches.

  • Conversion of multi-currency data to the sales funnel currency.

  • User-defined extended attributes in Project, Company and Contact profile.

  • Create documents using templates. Variables substitution is supported.

All functions are always free for 1-5 users. Get started now.

Brown Boot Works functions overview

Clients and sales, projects, tasks, teamwork, documents, budgets

How to manage a sales forecast in Google cloud

“…If the number of deals of your sales team counts for hundreds, then, obviously, you already use a specialized system for managing customer relations. If your small company does not have sales department yet and the number of customers is not so numerous, this does not mean that it’s worth keeping everything in mind. Sales forecasts are still necessary, and they are constantly changing. You can manage a sales funnel using the options of a simple project and task management system…”