Saving business documents at employee’s dismissal

When using the paid G Suite domain (Google Apps for Work), advanced tools for user rights administration and company’s content management are available. At an employee’s dismissal in  few seconds one can change his/her password in the account, suspend the account, take all the documents into possession of administrator or even delete corporate documents from his/her mobile devices.

But major part of small companies use employees’ free personal GMail  accounts for co-work in business purposes. All the documents may be moved to  business owner’s Google Drive folders. The business owner sees all the documents on his Google Drive and is sure that they are under his control. This is not true…

When an employee creates a document on Google Drive under his account, this document can be moved to any folder of any other user, and the user can open access to anyone. In that case the author remains the owner of the document! He can block the access and delete the document at any time. And  the owner right for the document cannot be taken from the employee, since all private accounts are legally equal.

This problem can be solved, if you store and process documents with personal Google Accounts in Brown Boot Works system. When you deactivate (dismiss) an Employee from the company’s  account in Brown Boot Works the system does the following:

1 – takes the Employee’s access rights to other people’s documents

2 – creates in the system copies of the documents, owned by the dismissed person

3 – provides the current employees with the right for copies

4 – originals remain only at the author who is deactivated


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