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4 Tips for Creating an Efficient Marketing Department

“…Brown Boot Works is a versatile cloud-based tool designed especially for small businesses. Its user-friendly interface is built for both desktop and mobile utilization, and all you need to get going is a Gmail account. Using the Google Cloud, managers can easily delegate and coordinate tasks through voice or text. Once campaigns are in motion, the program provides detailed reports on progress. It also allows for day-to-day budget management in multiple currencies…”


Sales funnel management: 3 tips that mean major improvement

“Brown Boot Works is an excellent tool to use for organizing your sales team and keeping them on track. The program lets you combine Google Sheets, Docs, Calendar, and Gmail into one shareable platform to assign tasks, attach and share documents, and measure progress. Brown Boot Works can help keep your team on target for deadlines and quotas, as well as track the flow of leads through the sales funnel. You can analyze pre-sales processes, influence your clients’ decision making at the right time with accurate data, and estimate income plans for the financial quarter or year…”


3 tools to keep your content strategy going strong

“Brown Boot Works is a tool that prides itself on being overly simplistic to implement for both mobile and desktop usage. All you and your team need to get started is a Gmail account. From here, you can give instructions and coordinate on shared documents. Managers are able to create tasks and dictate with both text and voice. Once projects are assigned, you are provided with perceptive reports on your staff’s progress. This function makes it easy to pinpoint any bottlenecks or common snags in your operation…”




“Non tutti i piccoli business hanno bisogno di sistemi complessi per gestire i flussi finanziari, le attività, le vendite o le relazioni con i clienti. Brown Boot Works è il tool giusto per iniziare a fare impresa, contiene all’interno tutte le funzionalità base di software di gestione del business e unisce la semplicità della suite Google. Certo, non è né bello da vedere né troppo complesso ma queste caratteristiche alle volte possono essere un vantaggio…”


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10 полезных «фишек», которые помогают работать с сервисами Google



Как управлять бюджетами малого бизнеса в «облаке» Google


Brown Boot Works – a task manager for those who work in Google cloud


Brown Boot Works — система управления компанией и личными делами в экосистеме приложений Google


Brown Boot Works — таск-менеджер для тех, кто в «облаке» Google