It’s not every small business that requires separate expensive and complex systems for managing finance operations, workflow, projects, sales and customer relationships. Use of the Brown Boot Works service let you get the basic functions of all these systems within the same package.




Plan your affairs, don’t skip the important

  • Plan your tasks and manage their life-cycle: drafts, tasks in work, done tasks and the ones in trash.

  • Your upcoming tasks are always within the sight.

  • An unlimited structure of folders for sorting tasks by topics, projects, clients, etc for each user.

  • Company-unified sets of labels for grouping tasks, projects and financial operations.

  • Easy content exchange with external recipients. E-mails with attached documents can be transferred to a task.

  • You can export tasks and responses with attachments via e-mail or messenger.

  • Recurring tasks. Chains of linked tasks and their performance control.

  • Create events in Google Calendar within the task.

  • You can invite the task participants, transfer documents and map location to the Calendar event.

  • Create Calendar alerts for yourself and participants.

  • Bonus. Quick personal notes with speech recognition. Task creation from notes. It is a useful tool for meetings and negotiations.



Assign tasks to your colleagues, co-work, check-up the result

  • Assign performers for a task. Control its deadline. Send reminders.

  • Text responses within your tasks. Attach documents to the task and its response.

  • Automatic assigning of access rights to attachments for task participants.

  • Notifications of the task status change and a new response via e-mail. Notification center within the system.

  • Users’ access rights control in terms of clients-, projects- and financial data operations.

  • The user’s performance and workload statistics.

  • Having a user with personal Google account disconnected, all his/her documents are saved in the system.

  • Company account owner has admin access to view and edit all tasks and projects.



Work with documents within the same system from any device

  • Attach any number of documents to tasks and responses.

  • Share Google contacts, Google Maps locations with your colleagues.

  • Attach documents to your company’s counterparty cards.

  • All the files you attached are stored only on your Google Drive.

  • Conversion of Ms Office documents to Google Docs format when importing attachments from e-mails and uploading files from device. Managed by personal settings.

  • Conversion of Google Docs to Ms Office format when exporting attachments to e-mails and downloading files to device.

  • Create Google Docs, Sheets, Slides objects directly in the task.

  • Create documents using templates. Variables substitution is supported.


Clients and Sales

Forecast your incomes from customers and keep track of deals

  • Common clients and partners database of the company. Accumulate information on counterparties for teamwork.

  • A single contact database for the team, synchronized with personal Google Contacts for each participant.

  • Contacts importing and exporting. MailChimp import format is supported.

  • Tasks, leads and contacts creation from e-mails.

  • Manage sale process and keep track of deals. Activities planning. Control the work on deals using task chains.

  • Company revenue forecasting. Incomes and expenses accounting.

  • Buildup of company sales funnel. Create a variety of sales funnels by business branches.

  • Conversion of multi-currency data to the sales funnel currency.



Manage project execution and its budget

  • Common projects list of the company. Differentiation of access to projects in a team.

  • Selection of projects by labels, by clients and partners, by statuses.

  • Project activities planning. Control project execution using task chains.

  • Projects income and expenses forecasting. Input of financial operations in the project in different currency units.

  • Project budget management. Conversion of multi-currency data to the budget currency.

  • Integration of project budgets into company incomes and expenditures budgets.

  • The analyses of project executors work and workload are available.

  • User-defined extended attributes in Project, Company and Contact profile.



Manage your business incomes and expenses in real time

  • Sales funnel. Project budgets. Incomes and expenses budgets at the company level.

  • Profit margin forecast. User defined financial reports. All in Google Sheets format.

  • Planning and accounting of financial operations in projects and tasks.

  • Conversion of multi-currency data into the budget currency.

  • A simple but flexible system for budget and report forms setting.

  • Labels as a basic tool for building financial analytics and data collection.

  • Collaborative input of financial data for the budget by several users.

  • Management of access rights to budgets and reports.

  • Currency Calculator. All existing currencies are supported.

  • Bonus. Quick personal financial operations. Control travel expenses or family budget.

Combine Google services with Brown Boot Works to solve your business tasks.

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