Brown Boot Works – new in March 2017

➣ Live links

In task and response texts you can write and insert ‘live” , that is working links. After exiting the text editing mode, the selected links are available for navigation.

➣ Updated search

Search and selection of tasks is available in Incoming and Outgoing lists. You can find a task by its number and select tasks by a user. Specifying a fragment of the user’s full name or an e-mail, you will select all the tasks he/she is a participant at, being an author or a performer. You can find the task by a text extract in any task or response.

➣ User’s icon

Displaying a user as a circle in a task form’s or in response, the service shows the two first letters of user’s e-mail address. If the user’s Google account contains an icon, the service will display it.

➣ Attachment of Locations from Google Maps

In tasks and responses a new attachment type has appeared – Location from Google Maps saved as Address. You can attach a business meeting place or a client’s office address for your colleagues. You can open the address information on the map or share the Location via the mail or the messenger by one click at any time.

➣ The service redesign

We try to make the service more visible and more convenient to use. The appearance of the main menu and the task list item have been changed. The new laconic design is also made according to Google Material Design standards.

➣ Notification center

A Notification Center icon has appeared in the top-right corner of the tasks list window.  All notifications sent to you via e-mail by other participants are duplicated in Notification Center History in chronological order. Accordingly, 3 types of notifications are currently available – a task has been assigned to you, a task has been marked as done, a new response has appeared in the task. By clicking on the notification in the list, you are redirected to the task where the notification was initially created. The manual marking the notifications as read allows you to organize their sequential processing. The number of unread/unprocessed notifications is always shown in the  notification list icon.


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