Multi-currency Budgets

The service supports the actual currency quotes base for all existing currencies. This allows for entering financial operations using any required currency unit. Then operations with different currency units can be collected into single budget. Within the budget table all operations will be converted to the budget currency. The budget currency unit is specified in the settings of each specific budget, and can be changed at any time.

“Currency calculator” is always available in the main menu (account menu) for the convenience of users. Using Calculator you can convert any sum from one currency unit to another by the current moment.

To operate various currency units you are to select “My currencies” list in “Personal settings” section of the main menu. Select all the currency units you regularly handle in financial operations and budgets. One of the selected currency units should be marked as the basic one. It will be input by default when entering financial data.

In the advanced budget settings you can choose the way of converting operations into the budget currency unit. You can convert each operation at the exchange rate on the date of performance. You can also specify that all operations must be converted into the budget currency at the rate of budget table calculation (update) time.

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