Managing a travel agency with Brown Boot Works

Suppose you are a director of a travel agency. You have five sales managers in the company who work with clients. Let’s assume that you are driving in a car and one of the managers is calling you. The matter is that one of the new clients of the manager asks for a personal discount on the contract and an urgent solution is required. You have stopped at the side of the road. Can you view the contract with the client in 3-4 clicks on your smartphone? In another 3-4 clicks can you see how much you have to pay suppliers for this deal in order to evaluate the profitability and decide on a discount? And in two more clicks can you call this client to justify the price submitted? If your answers are no, then this article may be written for you.

Competition and free market are great things. Today you can find many SaaS that help the tourist business in its work.There are solutions that automate absolutely all external and internal processes of a travel agent or a tour operator, including booking tickets, hotels and cars. The examples may include very advanced systems, just see iTravel Software or Dolphin Dynamics. They are quite pricey, beginning from $100 a month for each of your employees.

You are likely to consider the costs of buying and implementing a powerful system for your small travel agency to be rather unreasonable. It may be quite enough for you that managers place scanned copies of client passports, contracts and other documents in a shared folder on Google Drive. In this case, our Brown Boot Works service can help you make workflows a little more convenient, document management – safer, and business management – more mobile.

Let’s see how the basic workflow of the travel agency looks like using the Brown Boot Works service. The Simpsons family contacted the company to organize a vacation in Paris.

As a new client contacts you, you have to create a contact profile in the system containing information about phone numbers, e-mail, and so on. If you already have the customer contact on the smartphone, you can simply transfer it to the service’s general database of contacts. Other team members can easily synchronize the contact with their mobile devices.

If it is a regular customer or the latter has several contacts, for example a husband and a wife, then it makes sense to create a customer or a family card (company). You can store any documents in the company profile, for example scanned copies of family members’ passports.

A project is created in the system for each new tour. In the project card you can create a description of the customer’s initial requirements for the tour.

Next, you can create a chain of tasks in the project, such as “Prepare trip options for the client”, “Meeting with the client for discussion”, “Prepare a contract”, “Get a payment”, “Book airline tickets”. Prior to sending the family on a trip all stages of work will be presented as tasks. You can transfer the required tasks to your Google Calendar. Documents attached to tasks are stored in the system. They can be used in subsequent client requests.

As the client decided on a tour, the financial plan is added into the project. It contains receipts from the client, payments for tickets, hotels and so on. This allows you to monitor the profitability of the deal, as well as to ensure that financial transactions are being executed on time.

Based on the project’s financial plans, you can get actual financial data on the activities of the travel company – the sales funnel with the revenue forecast, the cash flow budget for a month, a quarter, and much more at any time. Documents are created in Google Sheets format. You fully control the access of team members to financial indicators.


The system is easy to implement and use. Yet you get many advantages for effective business management:

  • the company’s activities are structured, all tasks are under control
  • automated control of the tasks execution by employees
  • estimation of the workload of employees
  • a common database of contacts and customers
  • forming lists for email and sms marketing
  • easy document exchange with the customer
  • a common database of company documents
  • all documents are stored on the Google Drive of the company’s manager
  • staff computers do not contain any data and documents
  • real-time financial accounting and result forecasts
  • a flexible system for assigning access rights to projects, tasks and documents
  • full access to the system from mobile devices

All functions of the Brown Boot Works service are available free of charge for 1-5 users. The annual subscription for 1 employee is comparable to the cost of a paper planner. Use cloud and mobile technologies for business to the maximum.


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