Brown Boot Works – links, search, user icon


➣ Live links

In task and response texts you can write and insert ‘live” , that is working links. After exiting the text editing mode, the selected links are available for navigation.

➣ Updated search

Search and selection of tasks is available in Incoming and Outgoing lists. You can find a task by its number and select tasks by a user. Specifying a fragment of the user’s full name or an e-mail, you will select all the tasks he/she is a participant at, being an author or a performer. You can find the task by a text extract in any task or response.

➣ User’s icon

Displaying a user as a circle in a task form’s or in response, the service shows the two first letters of user’s e-mail address. If the user’s Google account contains an icon, the service will display it.


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