Labels to tasks for projects and themes grouping

Unlike folders that are specific for each user, labels are common for all company users  and used for a wider general grouping of tasks.

For example, you can create labels with the names of major clients, and labels with names of projects with customers and then attach two labels – Customer1, Project11 to the task.

Editing of the label list used in the company is available only to the account owner.

Old unused labels can be hidden so that they do not interfere in the selection dialog. Herewith grouping of old tasks with these labels is preserved.

Frequently used labels can be marked as Favourites in the labels selection dialog (when set to a task or at selection in the list).

“Вy labels” task list is available in the main menu. It allows the user to select all available tasks containing specified labels set. For example, we specify “Customer1 and  Project11” labels and get a list of all the tasks related to the project of the customer.


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