Increase of small businesses efficiency using Google cloud solutions

Cloud technologies have changed the people’s mindset and operation principles of many companies. Large companies can still afford purchasing proprietary solutions and it is often reasonable for them (due to the amount of data processed, number of employees, the complexity of issues, etc). But for a small business owner the cost, simplicity, low expenses for implementation and operational speed are more important. All of this can be got from clouds.

What a cloud can suggest to small business owners for business purposes? Let’s look at Google ecosystem. With GMail account one gets not only Mail service, but also free space on Google Drive and access to many free applications, such as Google Contacts, Documents, Spreadsheets, Slides, Calendar and Maps. Most small companies use employees’ free personal GMail  accounts for business co-work. If you need more professional and advanced tools for running your business, then G Suite applications is ideal, you can easily forward your personal Gmail account to your business one.

But it’s natural for people to wish getting more.

What would you say, if apart from common familiar tools of Google ecosystem some new additional functions were added, for example task and project management, budgeting and doc- and workflow systems. It sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

It is quite difficult to formalize routine and working activity of a person, not to mention a group of people. That is why more and more new services are entering the market. Today one can choose it from dozens or even hundreds of products, and they’re all different.

A person or a team chooses a task, business, project and process management system, taking into account many criteria: set of features, ease and user-friendliness, a team size, a management style, prevalence of projects or processes, distant work, mobility, usual platforms and much more. All this determines a team “character” at the moment. And the team tries to find collaboration work tool according to its character. That is why we know a lot of examples when even within a small company the management uses one service, the advertisers – another, and technical specialists – the third one.

A modern leader’s life is very dynamic, he/she has to be mobile. Information flows are growing up and one needs to be online always and everywhere for being effective. So a mobile device has to be a working tool as much as possible. Running  business functions on a mobile device is not just a work with a small screen and an uncomfortable keyboard. It is necessary to ensure maximal comfort of communications, documents and data transferring in few clicks, easy documents downloading and uploading between a device, the cloud storage, mail system, messengers and calendar.

What else should one pay attention to when choosing a system for themselves, especially if they’re entirely in Google cloud? What other features can make running business easier and more convenient? We have selected some of the most helpful options for making your business more organized:

  • creating a task for colleagues directly from Gmail box and transferring it with attachments to GMail
  • auto conversion of MS Office files into Google docs and back while working on a task with attachments
  • Calendar events synchronization with tasks, not only for yourself but also for colleagues
  • attaching an unlimited number of various types of objects, including Google Maps locations and Google Contacts
  • managing of access rights for company’s content. A team leader has to control easily employees’ access rights for documents and attachments. So, the documents are saved even if  you choose working with personal Google account.
  • budgeting management for a small business, that is income and expenses planning, accounting within tasks, personal budgets, project budgets

One of the newest service on the market is Brown Boot Works ( It has been developed to manage a team, tasks, to-do lists and budgets for Google cloud ecosystem users in general and in particular for teams and companies using G Suite applications. It is like one more application in the cloud-based environment, seamlessly integrated with the others, but providing its own functions.

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