From spreadsheets to smart management system

Project- and task-type company key activities

Customer relationship, deals and sales funnel

Multi-currency budgets and forecasts in real time

Personal productivity tools, Time-sheet, Quick notes

100% functions and data are available on smartphones

Reliable and secure

Easy and secure authorization in the service with Google account (GMail address). We don’t keep your passwords.

All your attached files are stored on your Google Drive. We don’t keep your files.

The service is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, available more than 99.9% of the time.



Google integrations

Tasks and leads creation from GMail messages. Tasks and docs export to GMail.

Collaborative use of Google Contacts. Google Maps locations sharing.

Creation of events and alerts in Google Calendar from tasks.

Generating budgets and reports in the Google Sheets format.

Ms Office – Google Docs conversion of attachments.

Mobile first

The service is designed as a web application, accessible on any device using an internet browser. 

Initially we develop all service functions for smartphones and tablets, and then adapt them for computers.

You have access to the same application with a full set of functions on any device.

Deploy our app for your domain from G Suite Marketplace

All functions are always free for 1-5 users. No password required.