Change of company’s account holder

The company account possessing can be transferred from one Google account to another (an active user of the company).

When transferring the ownership right, the following takes place:

1- The  storage with files is transferred  from an account’s Google Drive to another one

2- The new owner starts possessing all the documents of the former one

3- The new owner gets the rights of Editor for all documents in the Storage

4- The new owner becomes the account administrator with access to respective settings

5- The former owner remains an ordinary user

6- The former owner retains the rights of Editor for all documents formerly created in the Storage.

Certain restrictions are available in the system, such as impossibility of  transferring ownership to users out of the paid G Suite domain and transferring rights from a personal account to a domain.

This function is useful when-

1- You have worked in a GMail account, and then decided to move all the documents and tasks to another one.

2- Within the corporate G Suite domain it has been decided to transfer the management of tasks and documents from an administrator to another one.


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