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Как управлять бюджетами малого бизнеса в «облаке» Google   Brown Boot Works – a task manager for those who work in Google cloud   Brown Boot Works — система управления компанией и личными делами в экосистеме приложений Google   Brown Boot Works — таск-менеджер для тех, кто в «облаке» Google  

Increase of small businesses efficiency using Google cloud solutions

Cloud technologies have changed the people’s mindset and operation principles of many companies. Large companies can still afford purchasing proprietary solutions and it is often reasonable for them (due to the amount of data processed, number of employees, the complexity of issues, etc). But for a small business owner the cost, simplicity, low expenses for… Read More

April update – Budgets

➣ income and expenses planning ➣ accounting in the task ➣ personal budgets ➣ project budgets ➣ small company budgets The budget management subsystem doesn’t concern simple accounting. These are important questions  to be answered in real time, such as income plan for the period, basic expenses, payment approvement, profitability of projects or branch, availability… Read More