Brown Boot Works – Updates in May 2017

➣ Quick notes

You can select Quick notes function from the main menu of the service. Notes can be created by voice or by keyboard at your choice. Afterwards you can create a task from the note. Notes are convenient to use during meetings or negotiations. One can quickly record important points or decisions. After the event, it is possible to view the notes, to think over the performers, deadlines and to assign a task. Besides, sometimes one needs to write down a certain point or an idea when it is inconvenient, for example in transport.

➣ Quick operations for budgets

The main mechanism for collecting financial operations in budgets is based on the use of tasks. But sometimes it is convenient to enter financial operations without any reference to a specific task. Quick operations are available in Budgets section. In the upper right corner of the budget window there is an icon that switches to the Quick Operations window.

➣ Admin access to tasks

Within the menu of the company’s account owner “Admin access” item is available. It is a complete list of tasks of the company’s account – these are all tasks of all users, including the ones in trash. Administrator can find any task, open it and change almost all the data in it.

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