Brown Boot Works – Updates in July 2017

Setting your own logo

The owner of the company account has the opportunity to set its unique logo, which will be displayed in the service’s main toolbar. This will allow you to see constantly the account you are currently working in.

Viewing Upcoming tasks in a grid form

In Upcoming tasks window on computers and notebooks there are two modes of tasks viewing – as a list and a grid. Viewing as a grid allows you to see more tasks on the screen simultaneously, herewith less text information is displayed on a task bar.

Time display in 12/24

In User’s Personal settings you can switch between 12-hour and 24-hour time display and setting mode.

Labels in Financial operations

Previously you could set labels for a group of financial operations only a task- or a project-wise, where operations were entered. Now it is possible to set your own set of labels for each financial operation. This will allow, for example, to enter operations related to different items of the company’s budget in a single task.

A date change in Currency calculator

Now you can recalculate any sum from one currency to another at the rate of the date selected.


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