Brown Boot Works – Updates and Plans v2.1


Contacts export

Now you can export contacts to CSV file or to Google Sheets.You can download all contacts or just the ones marked for mailings. Downloaded data is imported into MailChimp and some other e-mail and SMS marketing systems without changes.

Contacts import

You can also import contacts from a CSV file or from Google Sheets. The system controls duplicates by e-mail address and telephone number.

Change of the project owner

The Administrator and the Owner (Author) of the project have the full permission to change the project in the system. In particular, the functions of adding and changing the financial data of the project are not available to other users. Therefore, we have added the function of transferring the rights of the project owner from one user to another.

Attachments in projects

Attachments are now available in the project (deal) profile. You can attach an unlimited number of files, links, business cards and Google Maps locations to the project.

Plans for November


An option of adding extended attributes to the Contact, Company and Project profiles will be implemented. For example, you can add a set of fields describing the bank details of the company to the Company profile. The added attributes will be available for input in all Companies of your database.

Document templates

You will be able to collect frequently used and standard document forms. It can be contracts, invoices, commercial offers and any other files. Then, these templates will be available while creating attachments to projects, tasks, and so on. Substitution variables will be available for Google Docs and Google Sheets templates. Thus, you can create a contract from the template, into which the client’s name and bank details will be automatically inserted.


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