Brown Boot Works – the service has been updated to version 2.0

  • An easy-to-use tool for a business leader.

  • Project- and task-type company key activities.

  • Customers and sales funnel.

  • Real-time finance indicators and result forecasts.

  • Personal productivity tools.

What’s new in ver 2.0 ?


Manage project execution and its budget

  • Common projects list of the company. Differentiation of access to projects in a team. Selection of projects by labels, by clients and partners, by statuses.
  • Project activities planning. Control project execution using task chains.
  • Projects income and expenses forecasting. Input of financial operations in the project in different currency units.
  • Project budget management. Conversion of multi-currency data to the budget currency. Integration of project budgets into company incomes and expenditures budgets.
  • The analyses of project executors work and workload are available.



Forecast your incomes from customers and keep track of deals

  • Common clients and partners database of the company. Accumulate information on counterparties for teamwork.
  • A single contact database for the team, synchronized with personal Google Contacts for each participant.
  • Manage sale process and keep track of deals. Activities planning. Control the work on deals using task chains.
  • Company revenue forecasting. Incomes and expenses accounting. Input of financial data in different currency units.
  • Buildup of company sales funnels. Create a variety of sales funnels by business branches. Conversion of multi-currency data to the sales funnel currency.


We recommend to use our system to manage the business related to services, such as information technology, digital marketing, legal services, real estate, tourism and much more. Especially if your company is actively using Google apps.


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