Brown Boot Works – Service updates in Sep 2017

Project executors statistics

A new tab “Executors” has been added into the project form. The tab displays statistics on the executors of this project. You can see the number of incoming and outgoing tasks for each participant of the project, as well as the tasks execution diagram. Statistics helps to assess the user involvement in the project at the moment and in general for the entire period of project execution. Statistics on a certain user regarding all projects are available in the “Statistics” section of the system’s main menu.


“Financial operations” list

A new “Financial operations” section has been added to the main menu of the system. In this list users can see all available to them planned and actual operations from projects and tasks. The function allows to find quickly required operations, see an immediate financial plan, modify operations. The “Quick Operations” list has also been moved to this section from the “Budgets” section.


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