Brown Boot Works – doc search, doc templates, extended attributes


An option of adding extended attributes to the Contact, Company and Project profiles has been implemented. For example, you can add a set of fields describing the bank details of the company to the Company profile. The added attributes will be available for input in all Companies of your database.


Document templates

You are able to collect frequently used and standard document forms. It can be contracts, invoices, commercial offers and any other files. Then, these templates will be available while creating attachments to projects, tasks, and so on. Substitution variables will be available for Google Docs and Google Sheets templates. Thus, you can create a contract from the template, into which the client’s name and bank details will be automatically inserted.


Document search

Our service allows attachments of documents in various objects – in tasks, in answers to tasks, in projects, in a client profile and so on. In this regard, it may be difficult to quickly find a specific document. You remember that you worked with him, but do not remember exactly in what task. To solve this problem, we developed a separate “Document search” list. In the list, you can quickly select attachments (including links) related to the client or project. You can find an attachment by the context of the title or by the author. Of course, the user can select only those documents to which he has access.


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