Admin access to tasks

Within the menu of the company’s account owner “Admin access” item is available. It is a complete list of tasks of the company’s account – these are all tasks of all users, including the ones in trash. Administrator can find any task, open it and change almost all the data in it.

Multi-user service accounts are meant for business use, that is the account holder is to have maximally full access to the content. Administrator should be able to troubleshoot a user’s error, check a user’s work, restore accidentally deleted tasks, correct the budget accounting data, close the tasks of the disabled user and much more.

Search and selection of tasks by number, participant and context are available at Administrator’s list. One can change a text, a date, time, a list of participants, attachments’ list, labels, financial operations and all replies in any task. A task status can be changed as well and the task can be moved to Trash or back.


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