Adjustable notifications on a task changes

Notifications are a useful mechanism of interaction during co-work. Notifications on new tasks, a new reply in the task and marking the task as Done by the author are envisaged within the system.

In many cases it is required that an employee receives an e-mail with notification on Manager’s having given him/her an important task.

In some cases, on the contrary, notifications on every response during active correspondence might be excessive and even annoying.

So notifications are implemented as a customizable tool. Each user has a personal setting on how the system uses notification in his tasks (Personal Settings in his account menu). And this setting is applied for each new task created by the user. But the notification settings in each certain task may be changed as well (“More” section on the task form).

Note that the Notification Center has recently appeared in the system (bell icon on the task list window title), where all notifications sent to you are duplicated.


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