Manage project execution and its budget

  • Plan your tasks and manage their life-cycle: drafts, tasks in work, done tasks and the ones in trash.

  • Your upcoming tasks are always within the sight.

  • An unlimited structure of folders for sorting tasks by topics, projects, clients, etc for each user.

  • Common projects list of the company. Differentiation of access to projects in a team.

  • Selection of projects by labels, by clients and partners, by statuses.

  • Project activities planning. Control project execution using task chains.

  • Projects income and expenses forecasting.

  • Project budget management. Conversion of multi-currency data to the budget currency.

  • Integration of project budgets into company incomes and expenditures budgets.

  • The analyses of project executors work and workload are available.

  • User-defined extended attributes in Project, Company and Contact profile.

  • Create documents using templates. Variables substitution is supported.

All functions are always free for 1-5 users. Get started now.


Brown Boot Works functions overview

Clients and sales, projects, tasks, teamwork, documents, budgets

How to manage a project budget

“…How does it work? You enter financial operations directly in the task where they were originated. Here are some examples. You complete a task for project purchasing parts, then you enter the amount of expenses. You pay a monthly office rent, after that enter the amount of expenses. After receiving a payment from a customer, you enter the income. After obtaining investments, enter the income again. If you want to have plans, enter the planned operations when creating upcoming tasks…”

How to manage a sales forecast

“…If the number of deals of your sales team counts for hundreds, then, obviously, you already use a specialized system for managing customer relations. If your small company does not have sales department yet and the number of customers is not so numerous, this does not mean that it’s worth keeping everything in mind. Sales forecasts are still necessary, and they are constantly changing. You can manage a sales funnel using the options of a simple project and task management system…”