Manage your business incomes and expenses in real time

  • Sales funnel. Project budgets.

  • Incomes and expenses budgets at the company level. Profit margin forecast.

  • User defined financial reports. All in Google Sheets format.

  • Planning and accounting of financial operations in projects and tasks.

  • Operations in different currency units. Conversion of multi-currency data into the budget currency.

  • A simple but flexible system for budget and report forms setting.

  • Labels as a basic tool for building financial analytics and data collection.

  • Collaborative input of financial data for the budget by several users.

  • Management of access rights to budgets and reports.

  • Currency Calculator. All existing currencies are supported.

  • Bonus. Quick personal financial operations. Control travel expenses or family budget.

All functions are always free for 1-5 users. Get started now.


Brown Boot Works functions overview

Clients and sales, projects, tasks, teamwork, documents, budgets

How to manage a project budget

“…How does it work? You enter financial operations directly in the task where they were originated. Here are some examples. You complete a task for project purchasing parts, then you enter the amount of expenses. You pay a monthly office rent, after that enter the amount of expenses. After receiving a payment from a customer, you enter the income. After obtaining investments, enter the income again. If you want to have plans, enter the planned operations when creating upcoming tasks…”

How to manage a sales forecast

“…If the number of deals of your sales team counts for hundreds, then, obviously, you already use a specialized system for managing customer relations. If your small company does not have sales department yet and the number of customers is not so numerous, this does not mean that it’s worth keeping everything in mind. Sales forecasts are still necessary, and they are constantly changing. You can manage a sales funnel using the options of a simple project and task management system…”